The Power of Lean Six Sigma

🤔 Have you ever thought of the power of Lean Six Sigma?

😉 I do a lot……

😉Maybe that is my superpower; the undercover LSS agent

💡 In all seriousness, I believe that Lean Six Sigma has a power many do not think of.

🛑 Just yesterday, I saw someone post a job opening on LinkedIn for a CI position that stated in the job description that they are using LSS for headcount reduction.

Why in the world would that be a job description ❓

💡No wonder people fear Lean Six Sigma.

💡But LSS is not a headcount reduction exercise.

💡Maybe the person who wrote the job description does not know what the Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma mindset and culture go with it.

💡I would love to meet the person who wrote that job description because CI is all about the robust methodology that includes a wonderful toolbox that can help an organization to:

✅ Increase efficiencies

✅Increase productivity

✅Increase quality

✅Remove waste

✅Remove non-value add

💡It is all about finding ways to empower the people of the processes to become problem-solvers.

💡To create an environment allowing them to fail and experiment to get to those successes much faster. 

💲 While it is best to reduce the cost, the accurate way is to improve your processes versus cutting headcount.

🤖 Add Automation into the mix. It is not always about reducing headcount. 

💡It is about increasing capacity with your current resources. The increased capacity allows them to become more strategic and creative.

👉 So the next time you think that CI is about headcount reduction, I want to think about the power that it truly brings.

👉If you are having trouble finding the CI power and value, let’s schedule a time to discuss the actual value and power it can bring to your organization. 


The Power of Lean Six Sigma

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