About Lauren Hisey

Lauren Hisey

Founder and Managing Partner

 Lean Six Sigma Consulting | Lean Six Sigma Coach

Lauren Hisey - Lean Six Sigma Expert

 Empowering Businesses for Lasting Success

Hey there! I’m Lauren Hisey, not your typical trainer, consultant, or coach. I bring a unique approach, combining a calming influence, Continuous Improvement principles, and Lean Six Sigma methodologies through regular conversations to drive effective change within your business.

 From Vision to Reality 

With a keen eye for detail and the experience of someone in the trenches, I train, consult, and coach individuals and companies to achieve profitability in today’s fast-paced environment with the Lean Six Sigma Toolset. 

 Igniting Profitability and Culture

As an expert in Lean Six Sigma, I’m passionate about helping others learn about it and how it can achieve transformative results and sustainable growth. For over 14+ years, I’ve lived and breathed Lean Six Sigma as a trainer, consultant, coach, and speaker, helping others on their Continuous Improvement Journey.

Unlocking the Power of Continuous Improvement 

Nothing brings me greater joy than sharing the potential of Continuous Improvement and guiding others to integrate it effectively into their businesses and organizations.

The Versatility of Experience

Having walked the paths of an employee and a business owner, I deeply understand the nuances of entrepreneurship, innovation, and problem-solving. My career spans various industries and the corporate world with helping areas such as TA/HR, Sales, Operations, Product Leadership, Service Delivery, Call Centers, and Technology.

 Passion Meets Purpose 

I’m fueled by the thrill of helping and paying it forward daily.

 Let’s Take the Next Step 

I’m here to collaborate and help you on our Continuous Improvement Journey. Contact me today to discuss your specific needs, and let’s turn your vision into reality!

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