Lauren’s CI Thoughts – Fear of Change 


Why do so many people fear change ❓
Let’s rephrase the question, why do so many people fear technology❓
💡 Some people face it, head it on, while others fight the change.
💡 When talking with clients about introducing technology and continuous improvement, I find that sometimes leaders are reluctant to move forward because they still determine how their people will take the change.
🤖 It is important to remember that technology is nothing without the people.
💡Technology should enable the process that gives people the tools to get things done and be creative.
💡The result is to connect people, processes, and technology.
💡We need all three to drive progress and do something extraordinary.
👉 What do you think about change?
👉Let’s schedule a talk if you need help connecting people, processes, and technology.

“It is important to remebert that technology is nothing without the people.”

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