Lunch 102

Lunch 102

☕ I’ve taken a little hiatus from my lunches, but they are back.
💡 I realized how much I missed my lunches and how impactful they were on me. Sometimes we only miss something once we no longer make time for it. Sometimes life does get in the way, but we have to stop and do the things that impact us, so on to my newest lunch post.
☕My 102nd lunch was with Philippe Harousseau, whom I met through Kettering . I saw Philippe’s name come across as one of our candidates for Kettering. I usually reach out to our new candidates as the Membership Liason to the Kettering Board to see how I can help them along the journey to membership.
☕Philippe and I had a great conversation about our backgrounds and where we are from. I learned that Philippe is originally from France but has lived in the US for a while; he was based in New York and is now in the Atlanta area. We talked a bit about France and the United States and the differences between the two countries. I’ve always loved to talk to people and learn about their backgrounds and where they are from, but I also love to learn about where people have lived, regardless of whether they lived in the US or another country. You never know what you are going to learn about a particular place.
💡We also spoke in detail about our careers. Phillppe has an extensive background, especially in Marketing. Philippe is now a fractional CMO. As I’ve grown in the world of consultancy and owning my business, I’m always intrigued to learn how other consultants and fractional executives work with their clients. The wave of fractional executives in different forms is here to stay, especially for small to medium size companies.
👉 If you want to learn more about my lunches or participate in them, let’s setup time to talk
👉If you’d like to learn more about Kettering, we can schedule a time to talk.

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