Lauren’s 200 Lunches – Lunch 103


Lunch 103

☕ My 103rd lunch was with Shoukat Ali Bhamani, whom I met through Kettering. Shoukat is one of our newest Kettering Members. Meeting with fellow Kettering Members to learn more about them and how I can help them is always a pleasure.
💡 Shoukat and I share a common passion for Continous Improvement and Technology. We shared our stories and experiences within this both of these areas. What always fascinates me is that many of us share similar experiences regarding how people react to technology and CI. You either come across people ready for the challenge of change and transformation, people who will resist it, or people somewhere in between the two spectrums.
☕As we continued sharing our backgrounds, I realized we needed more time to talk. Shoukat and I will need to meet again to continue sharing our stories and look for ways to collaborate in the future. All of my lunches have taught me that time is a precious gift, and spending it with so many amazing people to learn and connect is a gift I will always treasure.
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👉If you’d like to learn more about Kettering, we can schedule a time to talk.

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