Happy Friday, What is your passion?

Happy Friday, What is your passion?

Happy Friday, What is your passion?

Have you thought about what your passion is?

⏳ I have learned over the past few years that time is not



⏳Even though we live like it is linear, I realized that time is fluid.
⏲ Sometimes the weeks seem to crawl, and sometimes the weeks fly by.
🛸 The weeks fly by when you are having fun, especially if you are working on things that make you happy.
💡 One thing I have found is that once I realize what makes me happy, I get excited to work on things.
❓ People always ask me what I want to accomplish or love to do.
😀 My answer is always simple; I like helping people solve things and make a difference.
❤️ That is one of the main reasons I love Continuous Improvement.
😀Especially when I see my clients or students’ eyes light up when they begin to solve things.
😀It comes down to helping them!
💡It can be that simple; sometimes, it is so easy to overcomplicate things.
💡That is why when you are in a place or job you dislike, you must find the passion for what makes you whole.
💡Finding something that brings you joy can help you achieve your goals.
💲 It is not always about money because that will come if you do something you love.
⏲The most precious thing is time.
💡Instead of focusing on the monetary value, find that thing that gets you out of bed every morning.
⏲As we end the week, remember that time is not linear, and if you can find passion in what you do, then time will not matter.
👉 So do not wait; find that passion!
👉How was your week?
👉What is your passion?

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