Unlocking Automation Financial Benefits

Unlocking Automation Financial Benefits

🤔 Have you considered using the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach with your Automation Projects to unlock automation financial benefits?

🤖 During the past few months, while working with my clients, many want to ensure that some automation is a part of their future solutions.

🤖Automation includes everything from RPA to IA, including ML, AI, IDP, etc.

💰 While you want to use the new shiny objects in the room, it may be time to slow down and think about how these technologies will benefit your business. 

💡 You need to connect the people, processes, and technology to demonstrate any project’s tangible financial benefits, especially when automation is part of the solution. 

💡The Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control structure can help guide the Automaton Teams and COE to understand the actual impacts of the automation and financial benefits.

👉 Here are some high-level steps you can follow to help guide you:

✅ Define: Define the problem and the objectives. Set up a clear business case with a problem and goal for the project. Quantify the overall financial benefit.

✅Measure: Understand the current processes & pain points. Baseline your current process.

✅Analyze: Analyze the process and define the factors of influence. What are the problems in the process?

✅Improve: Identify and implement improvements and include technology as a part.

✅Control: Set up a control and continuous improvement plan to ensure the improvements are sustained and you are looking for new ways to implement more advanced technology.

📈 By showing actual impacts, your projects will reflect how it is helping the people and the business.

👉What are your thoughts?

👉Have you tried to use the DMAIC approach with your projects?

👉If you’d like to learn more about how to do this, we can schedule a time to talk.


Unlocking Automation Financial Benefits


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