Tips for Automation Projects

Tips for Automation Projects

🤔 What do Continous Improvement and Automation projects have in common?


💡 Just about everything…….


💹 To succeed at both, you must set yourself up for success. 


💡Before starting any project, you need to think about the following things:

✅ What is the business problem you are trying to solve?

✅What type of Return on Investment (ROI) or benefit would you like to see?

✅Will the project solve an immediate business need or help solve a long-term goal?

✅How will your people react to these changes?

✅Do you need Change Management during these changes?

✅Start small with a small Proof of concept (POC) with an area that will return an ROI quickly.

✅Build upon the POC’s successes to start expanding into other areas.

✅All business units must be partners; it is not an IT or CI business unit problem.

✅Fix processes first before applying technology.


👉 What other things can you think of that CI and Automation projects have in common?

👉Have you ever thought of the questions above when implementing automation projects?

👉Let me know if you need help or need to chat about your projects.


You need to set yourself up for Success


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