My 105th lunch with Terry Stein

My 105th lunch with Terry Stein

My 105th lunch with Terry Stein

☕My 105th lunch was with Terry Stein. I met Terry through Kettering here in the Atlanta area. Terry and I met virtually about two months ago during one of Kettering’s breakout networking sessions before the Friday morning event. One thing that Kettering has done very well since the pandemic was to ensure that everyone is still able to network during the virtual sessions. Kettering is going strong with these virtual sessions as well as with in-person sessions.

😉 When I first met Terry, he introduced himself as a drug salesperson. He had me laughing at this statement, and since then, I have always remembered that Terry works in Pharmaceuticals. During our lunch, I learned a lot about Terry. We talked about how fun conferences can be and how exhausting they can get when you go for two days straight. We both told some great stories, and I also learned about new places to visit for dinner the next time I’m in Vegas.

☕One of my favorite things about my lunches, besides meeting and connecting with people, is truly getting to know someone. I’ve always approached my lunches as learning sessions because there is so much to learn from everyone out there. When you take a beginner’s mindset to network, you tend to leave the session with new wisdom that you didn’t have before. But the other thing is truly learning if you can help someone. Networking should be about connecting and pay-it-forward.

☕There is no agenda if you have ever been a part of my lunches. It is purely a great conversation to meet someone new, learn something, and figure out how I can help you. My lunches can be done virtually or in person  

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