Continuous Improvement with uncertainty


While thinking about how Continuous Improvement can help my clients during Covid-19, I start thinking about all of the uncertainty and change in the world.  We are entering some different times, even if it feels like Deja Vu at times.  I came to a few realizations over the past few weeks.  These unsettling times are not going away any time soon.  If the Spanish flu taught us anything, it is that we are in for a long ride, even if a vaccine comes out.  We are also experiencing a time of political and social unrest that leads to very high emotions.  We are feeling uncertainty about how to move forward with our lives, careers, and business.  Continuous Improvement can help with uncertainty by guiding you through the change. Instead of throwing caution into the wind, how about dealing with these turbulent times with a little structure, creativity, and kindness for yourself, your family, your career, and your business.  These times do not have to define you!  Continuous Improvement can help define yourself and how you reattract these times.

How does CI help with uncertainty?

You created a plan and then something like Covid-19 hits without any warning.  It feels as if everything that you were planning and forecasting has come to a complete halt.  While things did “stop,” it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing everything.  Instead of worrying about what the future holds, this is the time to reflect, adjust, and pivot.

By using CI, makes it easy to handle this type of situation.  If you go in with an open and positive mindset, you go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.  Instead of thinking that there is no way forward, you can find a way forward.  CI equips you to handle any type of situation that comes your way.  Remember that it doesn’t matter how you get from point A to Point B; it is more about the journey and the learnings you get from the journey. You will learn how to grow as you move through the journey. 

CI provides you with the tools and the path to help you get to point B.  This is not a one size fits all plan. Instead, it is a guideline that you apply with a toolbox that helps you determine your path.  Think of it as a creative structured way to experiment with the right way to go.

Where do you start?

Even though you may not have had a CI Plan yet, you can set up a plan and implement it at any time.  You can start now!  There is no need to wait for the perfect moment because there is no ideal time to start.  You can learn how to set up a Continuous Improvement Plan here. A few things to keep in mind as you begin working on your CI Plan:

  1. Determine your Point A and Point B
  2. Use data!
  3. Keep it simple and don’t over complicate things
  4. Enjoy your journey
  5. It is ok to fail because this is where you learn

Final Thoughts

Uncertainty does not have to be negative or time of worry.  Instead, think about it as a time for learning and how you and your business can become stronger from it.  CI can provide you with the guidance and tools to get through any uncertainty, no matter how small or big.  Use the time as a way to ensure that you are on the right path and have the correct point B. Sometimes the adjustment and uncertainty are something that was needed to head in the right direction for you, your career, and your business.

What are your thoughts?  Do you see how CI can help you with uncertainty?
If you would like to learn how CI can be beneficial to you, let’s set up some time to talk.



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